We had a blast on the cruise, apart from the luxury of the actual cruise ship, we visited, Grand Turk, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico & Bermuda. The water was warm, crystal clear & breathtaking. Here’s some of our adventures:

Our first stop, Grand Turk

Isaac, Megan, Spencer & my dad snorkeling

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Me with my favorite bro & sis

The scuba team…

I *love* my family

All dressed up on the boat…

Us at dinner on the boat… yummy yummy food!

So much for seashells…

My dad heard about this beach in Bermuda where old glass is washed up on shore, there was a *ton* of it, I mean there was no sand in sight, just glass! All the edges are smooth from the tide, we had fun collecting glass to bring home…

Lookin’ for glass in Bermuda!

When we arrived back in New York, this is what we opened our window to – hey a vacation can’t last forever *right*! We are so thankful for the opportunity to travel & see the Lords magnificent creation!

Images: sammyw