• Spent a couple hours in the emergency room, getting my shoulder x-rayed, probed and looked at. Never talk on the phone while driving and making a right hand turn all at the same time – lesson learned. (strained shoulder muscle-ouch!)
  • My hubby had a cigar night with the guys from church.
  • Watched the film King Corn. Rent it, you’ll never look at food the same way again.
  • Enjoyed the company of friends over at our place.
  • Made homemade pizza. (recipe to come)
  • Enjoyed some semi-cooler weather.
  • Made pazookie & chocolate chip cookies (recipe to come)
  • Walked to church.
  • Isaac watched Sunday football while I tinkered around the house.
  • Decorated the house for fall.
  • Enjoyed a Sunday breakfast of eggs, toast & coffee…

*Hope everyone had a fun, relaxing enjoyable weekend*

Image: sammyw