If you’ve been to our apartment you know we eat sitting on the floor – Jesus style. We had a table my parents graciously gave to us when we got married, but on our second move it was to large to fit in our tiny eating area, so we had to part ways with it. Well we’ve been in the market for a new dining table & chairs for about a year now. We’ve been waiting til we found something we liked, which has taken this long. My hubby is more modern & I am more traditional but clean lines & simple (think Nate Berkus). Well all this to say we’ve decided on some chairs, 1006 Navy Chairs! We both just love them. Isaac likes their modern, durable, raw material look & I adore the metal as well, very clean looking, simple, yet very homey looking almost a modern farmhouse approach. So now we have our chairs down, we just are in search of a table. We’d love to find an old old wooden table, from a flea market or something. We’re keeping our eye out & will for sure update with photos once we find ‘the one’!


Image: design within reach