I think we’ve talked about my addiction to polyvore. Well I’ve started taking requests for design challenged folk around the web. Here’s my first living room redo from one of my readers:

“Hi! I saw you were doing some room inspiration boards earlier and I was wondering if you might make one for my living room? If you are up for it here are some pics and I’m trying to get some ideas for window coverings and paint and other room accessories (the couch, rug and the coffee table are the only things that will be staying). We like simple more modern furniture but comfortable and cozy too. (If that makes sense). I love the orange and blues and browns that are starting to show up in the room. Thanks so much!!!





Here’s what I came up with the requests:

living room

1. The requested colors are orange, brown & blue there are many routes to take with these 3 bold colors. Most times in a room here are a couple main colors (in differing shades). But here it’s bold bold bold baby! To ensure all 3 colors get some love we have to divide roles. Meaning brown will be the star of the show, and orange & blue will come in a close second & third. Since the reader already scored the amazing dark leather brown sectional it’ll be easy to work around that. For the walls I’d go with a simple backdrop, a creamy tan color. For a simple pop of color I’ll let you in on an inexpensive art project. Take some fabric, for this room I’d go with this. Wrap it around a thin wooden board from Home Depot. Use a staple gun to tightly secure the corners, place in frame and ta-da! Instant art!

2. To continue with a lighter airy feel of the room (to offset the dark sectional, darker floors and dark rug) I’d purchase a couple white matted frames from Ikea for a simple grouping. The large poster size frame would be perfect for framing that oh so cute orange fabric. The other two would be perfect with some photos of your little one in black & white.

3. To add some height to the corner of the room, I’d add a light & airy floor lamp. This one is perfect to replace the existing table lamp you have on your end table.

4. Now for the windows. I see you have blinds on them now which are great for privacy, but not so pretty to look at. For cost purposes I’d keep those blinds but dress them up a bit. I suggest getting a couple of these white curtains from Ikea, installing this simple and clean curtain rod (which also ties in with the floor lamp) and hanging them to add some softness to the otherwise stark windows. During the day & when your home I’d leave those blinds open to allow for as much natural light to shine on through!

5. Since that sectional is so large, a simple end table like this would look perfect next to it. The curved lines and glass top really keep with that open, modern, clean feel. I’d only purchase one and put in in the corner next to the floor lamp. I have a little surprise for the other side of the sectional.

6. There is nothing more inviting, more simple and clean than adding some nature into a room. Real is always best, but if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still get the look! Ikea has some wonderful artificial plants that look surprising real. Add a plant or two around you’d be amazed at how it will clean up the space!

7. Ok now for a little love for the entryway. I know you don’t have an official foyer, but you can create a little one with some simple ideas. I noticed on the wall with the tv you have a lot of odds and ends lying and hanging around. I suggest taking down all the coats, hats, mittens, purses, shoes, etc that are around the staircase and creating a little entryway near the door. This little bench would be the perfect thing. It’s a crisp white, which looks oh so pretty next to your sectional. It has a padded seat which allows the perfect spot for removing shoes. It has 3 big baskets for storing those shoes, umbrellas, rain boots, anything else (even some toys if you have extra room). In a pinch this can also be used for extra seating in the living room if needed. Double duty! Directly above this bench I propose a little project. a simple pegboard painted white is the perfect place for coats, scarves and purses. Not only will it keep you organized, but it’s right by the door! Here’s a photo of what I’m envisioning:


8. Ok back to that tv wall. There is a lot going on in this little corner. Now that we’ve tackled the clothing clutter lets move to the toys, books, DVD’s, and all other odds and ends. I suggest some big bins for the toys and the perfect orange boxes from Ikea for odds and ends in the built in shelves. The biggest decorating mistake is clutter and lots and lots of small accessories. I challenge you to find a couple larger accents you love and stick with them. Less is always more…always!

9. First off what a nice feature to have your tv hung and out of the way! I love that. But a think you still need something to ground that floating tv. Since the tv is dark and we want it to tie in with the rest of the room in the other corner I’d go with a dark brown console table. This is perfect for this corner because it is just waiting for those cream containers to fill it up. This is a great little play area for the little ones. And putting all these toys into this unit will make this super clean and clutter free.

10. These last two are optional. I found them and thought they went with the appeal and airiness of the room. I could maybe see this stacked shelving unit in place of the chair you currently have between the wall cut out and the doorway into the kitchen I’m guessing. For even more storage if you find yourself needing it.

11. Lastly is another option for more seating. The natural fibers of this chair really soften the room and allow for a more casual seating environment next to the more upscale leather. Just an option. You can stick this next to the stacked shelving unit.

There it is, a simple, modern, comfortable, cozy room most important clutter free and full of storage options!

If you would like a inspiration board for a room in your home, drop me a comment and we’ll be in touch :) Happy decorating!