I know, I know this poor little deserted blog. She is always here waiting with open arms for a post or two. Well I started about a month ago working full time and from there life hasn’t slowed down. My hubs and I are striving to simply our life and use our time wisely for Jesus, thus putting this little blog on the back burner. I love documenting, writing, photographing our little world and plan to continue as time permits. Would love to see ya’ll stick around…

Today, I have a little extra time; I took the day off work today to take care of this dear boy who is battling the flu.


Poor thing, it’s the first time since we’ve been married (3 1/2 years!) that one of us has gotten sick. *crossing my fingers that I don’t catch it* So far the steel oatmeal that I made him for breakfast is agreeing with him; the kale, salmon and beets for dinner last night sadly weren’t so lucky…

In other news, it’s beginning to look and feel like fall around here. Acorns and crispy dry leaves are beginning to fall around me as I walk to work in the morning, it’s a total joy to watch the seasons change. An excellent reminder of the Lord’s character and faithfulness to us. Last weekend we went down to the market and ordered a pumpkin spice latte from the first Starbucks, a little tradition we started last year to welcome the fall season. Our weekly trip to the farmers market is beginning to look different as well. The peaches are being replaced with crisp apples, the soft lettuces with hearty kale and beets.  Pumpkins, acorn squash and apple cider are all making their debut. While surveying the bounty we were showered with small golden leaves that fell from old old trees that lined our path, it was picturesque. I absolutely love fall, a time for weeknights snuggling under a blanket, cool evenings, sipping tea, wearing scarves, mittens, and hats, what a charming time. Looking forward to sharing the little joys of the holiday season with you all.

Image: sammyw