Amidst all the rain, I finally feel like Spring is officially here. Which is the reason for all the flower photos in my posts. Sorry but they are seriously everywhere. Pots dotted along storefronts, hanging from baskets along the sidewalks, in little vases on cafe tables, bright pink ones up in the trees, yesterday I even saw a couple little white ones growing in a crack on the sidewalk. With all the water Seattle receives the plants give thanks with flowers. These purple flowers can be seen on our own little window seal, our chive plant in bloom.

With Spring comes open windows, bare arms, fresh produce and spring cleaning in this house. It seems my dear husband has gotten into the Spring cleaning spirit right along with me. He’s been reading David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done which explains the huge shoebox of things to do. The book states you can’t get things done until you’ve cleared your mind, so here in a shoebox is my husbands mind:

While he was emptying his mind, I made these vegetable wraps with some produce I picked up at Trader Joes. They are really light, packed full of fresh veggies and taste so so good.

Vegetable Wraps

  • Whole wheat lavash bread
  • Cream cheese (I used a chive onion blend)
  • English Cucumbers, sliced thin
  • Tomatoes, sliced thin
  • Avocados, sliced thin
  • Red onion, sliced thin
  • lettuce, with the ribs removed
  • leftover cooked chicken, diced really small
  • Salt & pepper

Take a whole lavash bread and spread the cream cheese over the whole thing. Then start layering on the goods. Roll it up and cut in half. Goes great with some sliced apple and peanut butter on the side.

Images: sammyw