Maybe it’s just me, stuffing Christmas lights into our Christmas box at the end of the year knowing next year I’m going to be sitting in front of a huge tangled mess makes me cringe. So as I was taking down our tree a couple weeks ago I found a great no tangle method via Martha:

Take a stand of lights:

Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard with a slit at the top and a slit at the bottom:

Beginning with one end, slide through the slit and begin to roll the strand of lights around the cardboard until you’ve reached the bottom, securing it with the slit below:

This actually takes up less room in our Christmas box than the wads of lights tangled lights in years past. Since space is an issue for us, I use a large clear box with wheels for our Christmas box which I store under our bed. It fits all our lights, stockings, ornaments, garland and other misc. Christmas decor.

Images: sammyw