I love to bake but with just Isaac & I in the house a full batch of cookies or a dozen muffins are just a little overboard for us to eat at any given time. Plus who wants to eat a 3 day old muffin!? Trust me by day 3 or 4 that muffin has lost it’s lure. I’ve come up with a plan to prep remaining unbaked dough to store in my freezer for a later time.

For cookie dough, I use my cookie scoop to spoon out remaining dough and place it on my cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. I slide this into the freezer for about an hour until the dough has a chance to harden a bit. Then I pull out the dough, place them in a freezer bag labeled ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 350 10-12 minutes’. That way I know what is inside and how long to bake and at what temperature. This has worked so well for us, we are able to bake off 6 or so cookies at a time and they are always warm and fresh. Plus it works great in a pinch if we have people over for coffee on the fly I usually always have some dough in the freezer ready to use.

For muffins, I fill the muffin tin lined with baking cups and place the whole tin in the freezer again for about an hour. This allows them to set as well as hold their shape. After a hour, I do the same thing as I do with the cookie dough. Stick them in a freezer bag labeled with the contents and baking instructions.

The possibilities are endless. I do the same thing with pizza and pie dough. Whenever I make these I always double the recipe, it is no more work to pulse 1/2 stick of butter vs 1 cup in the food processor. And the ease of being able to pull out homemade pizza dough dough on a busy weeknight is so worth the little extra effort.

Images: sammyw