Paige is going to be 3 months old tomorrow (crazy!). Like I mentioned a while back, I wanted to compile a list of newborn essentials I swear by. Here are a few of our favorite things.

Newborn Must Haves


1. Sophie the Giraffe Paige has just started loving this teether. The feet are easy for her to grab and put in her mouth. It’s made of natural rubber, so it’s super soft and lightweight for her to hold on to.

2. Wearable Blankets I’m not going to lie, I think these things are super ugly and look really cheesy. All that aside they are very practical. With the cool San Francisco summers and our 100 year old apartments drafty windows, this allows Paige to keep warm without having to worry about a blanket getting anywhere near her head. And for that I love these things.

3. Glass Bottles We try our best to stay away from plastic products and stick to glass in our kitchen, so we’d choose nothing different for the baby. I love these bottles. They are easy to clean, heavy duty and adorable. It’s so nice being able to pump and take a bottle for Paige when we’re out for lunch or at church. Bottles are also wonderful for leaving Paige with babysitters for date night.

4. Bouncer I stick Paige in this bouncer & she travels around the house with me. It sits on the table while Isaac & I are eating breakfast and dinner, I put it on the bathroom floor while I shower, it goes in our room while I fold laundry, in the living room while I work out and in the kitchen when I cook dinner. It’s sweet having my little buddy with me everywhere I go, she is so content and watches everything I do. We also have the matching swing which was wonderful for the first month, but since sleep training Paige to sleep in her crib, we barely use the swing anymore.

5. Swaddle Blanket This blanket is amazing. It’s made of thick flannel, it’s huge; perfect for wrapping up a burrito baby. Paige slept and napped swaddled for the first two months and it was a dream. Whenever she would get all riled up, we’d swaddle her and walk her around the apartment and she calmed down almost instantly.

6. Sleepers Sleepers with feet and a zipper are far superior to those without feet and with snaps. Baby socks never stay on, especially during the night, so having the feet all in one sleepers are wonderful. Also diaper changes are a hourly affair in the beginning, being able to quickly zip instead of snap 10 buttons is swell, especially at 2am.

7. White Onesies I love these. I prefer the Carters brand to Gerber, they are thicker and made better in my opinion. Little babies should be comfortable and cozy, and all babies look precious in white. These are great for layering under outfits too for cooler weather. You can’t have to many of these.

8. Diaper Cream Burt’s Bees diaper cream is awesome. It smells wonderful and is paraben free, made with almond oil and beeswax. And best of all it works in a day. Love this stuff.

9. Stroller I spent so much time researching strollers. Since walking is our main mode of transportation for us city dwellers, I had a long wish list. Lightweight, small, easily foldable, affordable, could be used from birth on up, just to name a few. I am so happy with this City Mini. It is super light, can fold with one hand and is super smooth and folds to almost nothing. You can purchase a carseat adapter separately but we haven’t even needed to, she’s been fine in the stroller with one of these to make it extra snugly since birth. We take this thing everywhere, out to coffee, grocery shopping, walking through Golden Gate Park and to church.

10. Tights Using tights are another way to keep little feet warm without worrying about socks. Paige has tights in all colors (cream, pink, red, gray, yellow, etc) it’s easy to stick them under a Carters’ onesie and you’ve got a cute warm outfit.

11. Portable Diaper Changer Another city living must. Most places don’t have a changing station in the bathroom, if they even have a bathroom at all. This allows me to change Paige anywhere, it’s already proved it’s worth in these last few months.

12. Pampers Swaddlers These diapers are so soft, lightweight, and leak proof. I used some Huggies for a while and couldn’t believe how much better Pampers are. Sign up for Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save and these diapers are surprisingly affordable.

13. Sleep Sheep Isaac & I both lost our voices ‘shhhing’ Paige to calm her in the beginning. Then we downloaded a white noise app on our phones. That worked awesome, until we needed our phones. This Sleep Sheep attaches to her crib has four calming noise choices and is set to a timer. She loves her little sheep. We use the ocean setting. A word of advice, stay away from the whale setting, it’s pretty scary.