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This week marks week 30 in my pregnancy. Only 10 more to go! I’ve been surprised at the amount of ‘maternity’ items that I’ve been able to do without. It is overwhelming and a little ridiculous to me to think about re-creating an entire wardrobe for a small 4 month or so time frame. I thought I’d give a little run down of the basics I’ve purchased and how I’ve morphed my pre-pregnancy wardrobe to work for my ever growing belly.

How To: Maternity Clothes

Pants: I have 2 pairs of maternity jeans (one denim, one gray). Each I found on sale for under $40. I also have some black leggings that still fit and work with my big belly.

Tops: I have 5 maternity shirts, all bought on sale for under $15 a piece. They are all very simple,  solid in color (white, black, gray, dark blue, cream), thin shirts I can layer with my existing cardigans, jackets and wraps. I also have 2-3 non-maternity shirts in my next size up and have been able to use those as maternity tops as well.

Accessories: I have a Bella Band which worked wonderful the first 6 months until I needed to wear maternity pants. Also I love my maternity camisoles. I have 1 black and 2 whites ones that are perfect for creating length to almost all of my non-maternity tops.

That’s it! With these basics in my closet I feel like I have a ton of choices. When I no longer need my maternity clothes, they can easily be stored in a small container up in our closet. Since I’ve invested in very classic, timeless pieces I will be able to use these for my next pregnancy as well.

I am trying to use these same principles when creating a wardrobe for baby Paige. Due to space and how fast she will grow I want to limit her clothing to only the necessities. Look for a post about her clothes coming up soon :)

Pants: Old Navy
Scarf: Forever 21
Pink Cardigan: Forever 21
Shirt: Gap
Camisole: Old Navy

I am so inspired by the crisp, clean, natural look of E.M. Clothing Line. So unfussy yet put-together. Love them…

I’ve never owned a leather bag and with my current cloth bag literally falling apart, I’m in the market for a new one. Being a city dweller, walking everywhere my purse gets a lot of wear and tear so leather seems like the perfect way to go. I can’t decide which one of these beauties from Anthropologie I like more. I guess which ever one goes on sale first…


I used to have a very similar dress to this one below when I was about three. I’d love to be wearing it again…


This outfit just screams spring, i’d love to wear this on a date to the pier with my boy…




While browsing lovely blogs like this one this week, I came across a cleaver invite done by one of my favorite stores. Take a look here…



let me tell you my friends, spring has officially sprung here in Seattle. I wore shorts this week for the first time since moving here! I’d love to be wearing this…so simple, chic & ultra cute!


I’m ready for summer – here’s some of the beauties I’d love to wear from anthro




I love this one, but can’t image the strange tan lines it would give you…



owl planter vaseshort sleeve cardigankeep calm posterhandbagrosesarmchairbaby blanket

This is one of my all time favorite colors & looking at it lately has gotten me so so excited for spring! I can’t wait!

I’ve been back & forth, back & forth again on whether or not to sell my wedding dress. I remember playing dress up in my mothers wedding dress when I was young and well I would love to have my daughter (if I ever have a daughter one day) be able to play in it. I have one of those big dresses, the kind that takes up a lot of valuable closet space… well if I ever do decide to sell it, I’ll probably look into this site. Or if any of you ladies are in the market for a wedding dress, check here looks like you can get yourself a great deal on a designer dress!

Here’s a picture of my pretty dress…


Image: Shawn Reimers Photography